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Journey to Self

Well I hiked… And quit…

And a miracle happened.  Instead of me feeling like that equalled failure I was able to be flexible with my expectations and stay committed to self-care and my community of relationships by booking a massage instead of burning out on Day 2.

The hike was crazy amazing.  I took NOT ONE PHOTO.  Not because there weren’t beautiful vistas to see but because I wanted to soak in every minute in real time and not behind a lens.  No more barriers between me and living, breathing LIFE.

Breathe I did!  I tried to yoga breathe for the whole 34 km and in the last 7 km when we had one girl have to go to the hospital and one friend have to bow out because of the pain my breath was the only thing carrying me along.

This journey of 34 km up and down hills and rocks and walking through flowing streams and stilled by the hush of pine stands and amazed at snow’s persistence in the nooks and crannies of the cliffs was a metaphor for my life.  All the beauty that surrounds me but that I might miss if I’m only focussed on getting to the end as fast as possible.  Needing to remember gratitude and a higher power when the going gets tough and everything seems difficult.  Realizing that when the heat turns up it comes with the blessing of detoxing the mind, body and soul as it sweats out all thoughts and things that no longer serve you.

I’m still processing and learning so much from this experience and I’m excited to do it again this October.  I will definitely be bringing the all-natural Bugspray, Sunscreen and Muscle Reliever I made with Doterra essential oils because they worked fabulously!

Here are some pictures of the area (that I did not take).


I’m so excited but a little scared too.  May 28th and 29th I’m hiking 64 km of the Bruce Trail that runs in Ontario, Canada from Niagara Falls to Tobermory.  I am hoping it will be a time for me to disconnect from the outside world and to reconnect with my soul.  I want to hear her beautiful voice again and accept all her parts no matter what others may think.  And so into the woods I will go.

I am wanting to surround myself with wonderful women who inspire me as I prepare for this journey.  So as I prepare and figure out what to pack we gathered this past Thursday to make holistic Sunscreen that I will use on the trail.  If you would like some beautiful and healthy sunscreen for the times you’re outside all day here is the recipe. (otherwise it’s best to use light clothing and intermittent direct sun exposure to benefit from the vitamin D)


1/4 cup beeswax

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 avocado oil

1 tsp vitamin E oil

2 tbsp. NON nano Zinc Oxide powder

5 drops Lavender essential oil

5 drops Myrrh essential oil

Optional 5 drops Helichrysum essential oil


Pour the first 4 ingredients into a large glass jar and place the jar into a pot of water on the stove on medium heat.  As the ingredients warm they will melt and you can stir them together to mix.  Take the jar off the stove and let cool a few minutes before adding the Zinc powder (don’t breathe it in).  Pour into your desired container (I used glass canning jars), add the essential oils and stir once more.  It smells beautiful and without the zinc would be a great body cream!

I already slathered my arms and stomach with the leftovers that I scraped out of the mason jar 🙂

Check out my virtual Store (this is so cool!) where I have added all the products I like to use in my DIY projects and life in general.  You’ll get to see what I’m reading and what else makes me tick (let me tell you it’s quite the menagerie of things that don’t seemingly fit together!)

And you can find my essential oils webpage here:


Filled with Light

It has been another long hiatus from this online space but I’ve been doing some beautiful things offline!

Over the last several years meditation has become a practice for me and as I opened the door to 2016 I decided to commit to meditation as a healing tool for me.  Not only did I open the door to a new year but I realized that I opened my soul to be filled with Light.

I am now blessed to be leading women in group meditations and visualizations and watching them fill with Light and peace.

Here is a quick meditation you can do alone or with others (I love doing this one with my 5 year old son).

Smile Meditation

Close your eyes and begin deep belly breaths. (you might want to place one hand gently on your belly and one hand on your chest to feel your chest stay stable while your belly expands and contracts with your in and out breath)

Imagine your legs are a tree trunk and that roots extend from your feet into the ground.  These roots helped you to be strong and stable.  Fully present in this moment.  Connected to the earth and receiving its nourishment.

Now imagine that the top of your head opens up and Light is able to pour into you. Filling your head and flowing down your neck to your shoulders and arms (you might even feel a tingle or warmth in your hands because this energy is real!).

Now that you are filled with light and grounded in the present moment allow the corners of your mouth to turn up slightly into a smile.  How does your body feel?  Now grow your smile!  Notice how it lifts your cheeks and touches your eyes, allowing them to be filled with sparkly smiles.

Allow your smile to continue into your forehead, relaxing it and flowing into your arms and then moving into your heart.  Your heart is smiling!  How does that feel?  Allow yourself to sit quietly with your smiling heart for a little bit.

Now your smile moves into your belly and maybe gives you a nice happy tickle of giggles as it flows to your legs and ankles and feet.

Your whole body is smiling!  You can create this warm feeling anytime you want to.  Now wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug!  Tell yourself out loud “I love you.  You are my best friend and I am going to take good care of you.”  There might be an emotional release as you say those loving words to yourself. Honour those feelings.

When you’re ready gently open your eyes. 🙂


I hope that this meditation blesses you and your children or friends!  Would you like an audio recording of this meditation?  And other recordings to go deeper into your practice and release more emotional blocks?  Stay tuned!  I will be releasing a meditation course very soon!  Email me at for more details and to get on the mailing list for the course.

Blessings to you today and always,


“The Healer with the Amazing Gift”


Trees Move Me To Joy

Well, it’s been 2 years since I last posted… I’m not sure how that’s possible but it is. Sawyer is almost 4 and now we have added little Levi to our family.

Levi loves trees! Especially when their leaves are blowing in these beautiful autumn breezes. He could watch the leaves for hours mesmerized.

I wasn’t thinking about this blog at all except that I was chatting with a friend a few weeks ago and it made me think of this blog and my PSYCH-K practice and how I really enjoy both so much.  Then I saw this quote and had to write something:

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a Green thing that stands in the way. Some see Nature all Ridicule and Deformity. . . . and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the eyes of the Man of Imagination, Nature is Imagination itself.” William Blake

How do you see the tree?  I will admit there are days where I walk briskly down the path not paying any attention to the trees or nature around me but this past Friday for some reason as I walked to pick up Sawyer from school I basked in the trees that are planted along the sidewalk near his school.  I lingered, I took deeper breaths, I smiled, I watched the sun peek in and out of the canopy of leaves – it was heavenly.

I hope to take more time for trees this fall, more time for life.

The last couple of days I have noticed many angry people around me.  I even mentioned it to my husband last night. 

Today, I was in a frustrating situation and felt my anger rise.  As I reflected back on the week I saw where my anger had reared its head in different situations and realized that what I kept picking out in others was God’s attempt to put up a mirror for me to see what I needed to recognize and resolve in my own life.

Just like the wicked Queen in Snow White, we may not like what our mirrors reflect back to us.  But these reflections are filled with potential, possibility and wisdom if we will only allow it.

By recognizing my anger, I am able to process its root cause and resolve it and heal from it in order to let it go.  When I do that I notice that there are less angry people around me and the reflection in the mirror of my life is much more of what the positive and peaceful me I want to see and be.

What are you noticing around you? Take a moment to see if your life is reflecting something back to you in order to help you change it.



Refreshed and Renewed!

I truly enjoy the extra time on long weekends.  This past weekend was no exception with the beautiful weather. 

In a busy week or busy life we sometimes forget how important it is to take time to be refreshed and renewed.  We even sometimes lose track of HOW to refresh or renew ourselves. 

It is valuable to take time to rest your body and mind with extra naps or early bed times.  It is also valuable find a way to renew your mind and body by doing something you’ve never done or something you haven’t done in a while.

Yoga and simple stretching can be so valuable to the renewing of your body.  Allowing the old blood and stale oxygen to leave your muscles and joints and then a new supply of fresh blood and oxygen to rush in can produce amazing results.

Meditating, prayer, focusing, deep breathing techniques and journalling can produce those same renewing feelings for your mind.  Perhaps even reading a new book with uplifiting content can help you rest and relax from a busy or stressful schedule.

Whatever it is you choose to do, honour yourself by taking time to renew and refresh your mind and body.  The benefits are too many to count and have long lasting effects.

Need help carving out the time or help figuring out how to do any of these activities?  I would love to take some time out to teach and rejuvenate with you!

Blessings, Lindsey

I love trying new things! Perhaps too much 🙂  I love to test out new theories or pilot crazy ideas and see what results I get.  It keeps me excited about life and what I’m doing and gives me energy as I make connections and sort out what works and doesn’t work in my life.

But sometimes I get discouraged.  Sometimes things don’t work out or other people don’t like my zest for trying new things.  Sometimes my successes even cause people to react negatively and they try to get me to stop.

A wise friend reminded me to just keep trying!  As long as I’m doing it because I believe it is for the greater good then I’m doing the right thing.  The passion and energy I feel and all of the interesting things I learn and reflect on are important for my life and the people around me.

Is there something new you would like to try to do?  Is there something that you have been trying without success and have recently given up?  Perhaps even something you tried that you thought was successful but was discouraged by others?

I encourage you to try it!!! Try, try and try again!  Simply trying it is a victory that will bless your life in many ways! And if you need any help getting over the hurdles or around the nay-sayers I’m here 🙂

Blessings, Lindsey

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