Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Lindsey Ecker, Holistic Health Strategist (click here for more about me)

My name is Lindsey and I am a health strategist, wife and mother! When I found out I was expecting our little bundle I felt my world expand by leaps and bounds! I was interested in how I could be the best person possible so that I could teach my son how to live his best life.  Through this journey I have learned some wonderful things about life and spirituality and I have met some amazing people! This blog has grown to be a place where I explore some of the topics that come my way and how I can be more present and aware in my life.  I hope that my journey and discoveries spark some light and life in you 🙂

Blessings, Lindsey

I am an Advanced PSYCH-K (Psychology and Kinesiology) Facilitator and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner with experience in Spiritual Direction, Christian Counselling, Dream Work and researching the connections between Nature and ADD/ADHD as well as mental illness. I am a Mental Health Advocate, a doTERRA essentials oils Aromatherapist, founder of Wildhood Nature Immersion Therapy Programs and Mindful Movement for Mental Health, I am also the coordinator and creator of the Holistic Health and Wellness Expos as well as the new Inspired Healthy Living Online Health Summit. I bring all of these gifts and abilities to the table when working with clients to help them discover and uncover their best life.

So many people have come to me and shared stories about how much I’ve helped them, how gentle my spirit is and how intune I am with them, their situation and our big world.  I have felt very blessed by and grateful for those comments.

Working with diet, supplements, lifestyle changes, essential oils, herbs, emotional balancing techniques and nature immersion therapy I can help you to…

Free yourself from sabotaging habits, beliefs and behaviors allowing you to:

  • · Release the past
  •   Feel healthier with less pain, more mobility, better sleep and digestion and less illness
  • · Overcome grief and loss
  • · Increase self esteem
  • · Improve your performance and balance in your work
  • · Conquer fears and self doubt
  • · Get your life on track
  • · Achieve your goals
  • · Strengthen your spiritual connection and your connection with Nature and the world around you
  • · Expand your personal power and prosperity
  • · Attract loving, healthy relationships
  • · Resolve painful memories
  • · Achieve optimal health and vitality (including quitting smoking, weight loss, pregnancy support and more)
  • · Live the life you were born to live
  • · Transform life’s challenges into opportunities


I teach health seminars monthly at the Mainstreet Kingsville Wellness Pharmacy, the Wheatley Pharmacy, as well as private health groups and individual wellness consultations.  If you’re ready to start feeling better contact me at 519-322-8340 or or my Facebook page “The Healing Power of Nature”

If you’d like to start using essential oils and other natural products to my healing tool kit.  You can join my group and receive FREE health strategy sessions at the link below:   for information on what I’m up to 🙂

Blessings to you,

Lindsey Ecker

“The Healer with the Amazing Gift”


Comments on: "Lindsey Ecker, Holistic Health Strategist (click here for more about me)" (1)

  1. Judith Enns said:

    Thanks for directing me to your sign-up re new posts. I really enjoy your blogs. Today’s regarding “The Light” is so inspiring. I facilitate a monthly luncheon called “Connections” and the December theme is always “Share the Light/Share Your Light” and I believe that is exactly what you are doing…what we all are doing when we take the time to slow down and pay attention.
    In searching for the sign up button, I scrolled down to previous blogs and stopped to read the one about Inspiration and your brother as an artist. I saw his work at the UMEI showing and it was beautiful- a blue painting (not shown on your blog) especially caught my attention and I because I had my camera with me to take photos of my husbands work/setup, I took a picture. I have reviewed my photos from the show a few times and always pause when I come to “blue”.
    Both of you are obviously very talented & inspiring people.
    Peace on the path, J*

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