Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

So today I got to do something wonderful and fabulous!


I was able to share mindfulness tools with a staff of 30 in Windsor.  I shared my 4 main ways to de-stress, bring the body from sympathetic to parasympathetic response and how those things positively affect body and mind.


Mental health is my passion.  After getting sick I knew that I wanted tools that would help me, my children and those I met who were struggling.

When I was presenting today and listening to people I knew that I was absolutely marrying my passion with my purpose.  I floated out of the session and I’m still expressing gratitude for this beautiful opportunity.

“You have such a calming voice”

“Can you live in my classroom?”

“When can you come back?”


I’d love to be a mindfulness consultant for the school board!  I would love to work with anyone wanting to feel more calm, peace and joy in their life.


Tonight I got to teach an essential oils class with a group of ladies.  We discussed all the ways to use Lemon including some great recipes for cooking with lemon.  One of the ladies there said that this was better than any other evening out.  A group of women, learning together, growing, becoming their best selves.  Again, I feel my passion and purpose aligning perfectly and blessing others.

I am starting a new Mindful Movement for Moms and Kids series soon so keep your eyes open for that event information.

What is your passion? Purpose? Is there a way you can bring the two together?


Blessings, xo


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