Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

A dissolution.


When we look inside and we dissolve the hate or frustration or fear (or anything we are struggling with) we then breathe out and our response can be a creation; a piece of art.


That’s why we blog. Why we paint. Why we sew and crochet and take photographs. Why we make beautiful oil blends and wooden trays. That’s why we do art.


Because we have dissolved and let go and now we can exhale something beautiful and healing.


And that dissolution and exhaling doesn’t overpower others who aren’t able to be in that space yet… (here’s the big aha for me)  It welcomes them in. It welcomes them into the dissolution. The sweetness. The surrender. The oneness.



watch this to see it unfold… I’d love for you to comment below your reactions.


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