Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

This morning we had our 20th session of Wildhood!  Wildhood is the nature immersion program I created for moms and kids to combat Nature Deficit Disorder as described by the amazing Richard Louv who wrote the book Last Child in the Woods.  While we were outside enjoying the changing season I reflected back on how this program has come to be and how I have felt so supported along the way.

My son Sawyer who is 5 loves being outside and I couldn’t help but notice that his emotions and interactions with his 2 year old brother were so much more positive and calm when we were in nature.  Having grown up immersed in nature until I got married and moved to the “city” my heart would sing the minute we stepped into the woods with backpacks on and compasses in hand.  As I started to share about our explorations and my observations of emotions and behaviour more moms were asking if they could join and reap these same benefits for themselves and their children.  Wildhood was born.

Since then we have made branch benches, created shapes with sticks and grass “twine”, decorated our “campsite” with berries and colourful leaves, saved snails, made mini snail rafts, picked berries, identified plant, tree and fungus species, made a plantain salve for a bee sting, practiced our orienteering skills of listening, using the sun, trying out a compass and using our eyes to find the pine stands.  We have climbed rolling hills and tumbled to the ground, we have climbed trees and swung on vines, we have laughed and we have had some tears when children didn’t want to share their best walking stick 🙂 and the captains of the group have helped the younger ones to figure out those big world problems.

It has been AMAZING.

It was never difficult. There was never a struggle.  It was an innocent idea born of need and passion.  And it grew all by its beautiful self.  I realize now because I let it.  I didn’t push or prod. I didn’t force or skirt around gratitude for the present in favour of desperate desire for the future possibilities.  Wow that feels great! Maybe I should do that more and in other areas right?! 😉  Lesson learned lovely universe! I’ve taken note.

I’ve also felt beautifully supported by the great tribe of women that I am learning to reach out to and accept and spend time with. Some in person, some only via blogs like this and Facebook groups.  I’m grateful for these women and the support they provide.

Are you looking to feel supported from every direction?  Reach out to me at and I would be more than happy to have you join our tribe 🙂

Blessings and love,


“The Healer with the Amazing Gift”


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