Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Journey to Self

Well I hiked… And quit…

And a miracle happened.  Instead of me feeling like that equalled failure I was able to be flexible with my expectations and stay committed to self-care and my community of relationships by booking a massage instead of burning out on Day 2.

The hike was crazy amazing.  I took NOT ONE PHOTO.  Not because there weren’t beautiful vistas to see but because I wanted to soak in every minute in real time and not behind a lens.  No more barriers between me and living, breathing LIFE.

Breathe I did!  I tried to yoga breathe for the whole 34 km and in the last 7 km when we had one girl have to go to the hospital and one friend have to bow out because of the pain my breath was the only thing carrying me along.

This journey of 34 km up and down hills and rocks and walking through flowing streams and stilled by the hush of pine stands and amazed at snow’s persistence in the nooks and crannies of the cliffs was a metaphor for my life.  All the beauty that surrounds me but that I might miss if I’m only focussed on getting to the end as fast as possible.  Needing to remember gratitude and a higher power when the going gets tough and everything seems difficult.  Realizing that when the heat turns up it comes with the blessing of detoxing the mind, body and soul as it sweats out all thoughts and things that no longer serve you.

I’m still processing and learning so much from this experience and I’m excited to do it again this October.  I will definitely be bringing the all-natural Bugspray, Sunscreen and Muscle Reliever I made with Doterra essential oils because they worked fabulously!

Here are some pictures of the area (that I did not take).


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