Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

The last couple of days I have noticed many angry people around me.  I even mentioned it to my husband last night. 

Today, I was in a frustrating situation and felt my anger rise.  As I reflected back on the week I saw where my anger had reared its head in different situations and realized that what I kept picking out in others was God’s attempt to put up a mirror for me to see what I needed to recognize and resolve in my own life.

Just like the wicked Queen in Snow White, we may not like what our mirrors reflect back to us.  But these reflections are filled with potential, possibility and wisdom if we will only allow it.

By recognizing my anger, I am able to process its root cause and resolve it and heal from it in order to let it go.  When I do that I notice that there are less angry people around me and the reflection in the mirror of my life is much more of what the positive and peaceful me I want to see and be.

What are you noticing around you? Take a moment to see if your life is reflecting something back to you in order to help you change it.




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