Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Refreshed and Renewed!

I truly enjoy the extra time on long weekends.  This past weekend was no exception with the beautiful weather. 

In a busy week or busy life we sometimes forget how important it is to take time to be refreshed and renewed.  We even sometimes lose track of HOW to refresh or renew ourselves. 

It is valuable to take time to rest your body and mind with extra naps or early bed times.  It is also valuable find a way to renew your mind and body by doing something you’ve never done or something you haven’t done in a while.

Yoga and simple stretching can be so valuable to the renewing of your body.  Allowing the old blood and stale oxygen to leave your muscles and joints and then a new supply of fresh blood and oxygen to rush in can produce amazing results.

Meditating, prayer, focusing, deep breathing techniques and journalling can produce those same renewing feelings for your mind.  Perhaps even reading a new book with uplifiting content can help you rest and relax from a busy or stressful schedule.

Whatever it is you choose to do, honour yourself by taking time to renew and refresh your mind and body.  The benefits are too many to count and have long lasting effects.

Need help carving out the time or help figuring out how to do any of these activities?  I would love to take some time out to teach and rejuvenate with you!

Blessings, Lindsey


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