Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

More and More Proof!

It used to be that honouring the connection between mind and body was just for the very few.  The last two days I have been amazed at how many places I have seen “experts” talking about the importance of a healthy mind and soul in order to have a healthy body.

Here are just a few:


1) Dr. Christiane Northrop is writing a blog for Dr. Oz called: .Flourishing: Why a Healthier Mind Means Healthier Cells and says, “I’m excited to be writing a regular blog for Dr. Oz. I’ve often talked about bringing to light any subconscious beliefs that may be denigrating your health. Because your body is continually recreating itself at the cellular level, these subconscious beliefs can really impact your ability to flourish.”  Click here to check out Dr. Oz’s site and her blog.


2) I saw the Costco magazine when visiting my parents and even Costco is talking about the connection between the way we work the muscles of our body and the muscles of our mind and how stretching both of these types of muscles helps us to not only cope with but flourish through change and personal discovery.  Check out their latest issue of The Costco Connection to find out more information about Jim Clemmer and his book Growing at the Speed of Change.


Do you often get sick after a stressful work week or month?  Do you ever get tension headaches after a long day?  Difficulty with sleeping because your mind is running in many directions?  There are many ways that our mind and spirit can affect our physical health.  If you would like to explore this mind/body connection more in order to experience better health and a better life let me know, I’d be happy to help!




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