Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Moments of Silence

Last week as I was driving I saw a church sign that read, “Silence is one of the great losses of Modern Culture”.

As I reflected on my life I noticed that with a child, a full time job, friends and other activities, there isn’t alot of time for silence.

Thursday night I attended an event where we were asked to sit in silence for 15 minutes at the beginning and at the end.  At first I was nervous that I would count the seconds, feel fidgety and not relax but as I let myself sink into my chair and take a deep breath I realized how desperately I needed that quiet time and how rejuvenating a few minutes of silence could be!

Even with this new knowledge of the benefits of silence and a recent, positive experience I have not been able to “pencil in” more silent time since.  It’s hard to allow ourselves time to do what looks like and can feel like “nothing”.

This is when I book an appoitnment with my spiritual director.  She helps me to review my life since our last visit, connecting with my spirit and then gives me a place where I can take some silent time without any distractions.

If you would like a place to rejuvenate through silence and healing let me know!




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