Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Savouring Life

What was the last experience you had that you experienced with all 5 senses?

When we are truly savouring life and being fully present and aware in each of our experiences we are able to notice and appreciate our 5 senses.

Last night my husband and I were the lucky recipients of an amazing meal from two award winning chefs from the Niagara Region.  Our meal was amazing but our favourite part was that as they walked us through the meal they helped us to experience it with all of our senses.

I was truly amazed at how much more I enjoyed the meal looking at the little details and intricacies of its composition and feeling the different textures as they were described.  There was also a sommelier present who described each wine tasting they had paired with each course of the meal.  I was able to pick out each of the different aromas and flavours and colours as she pointed them out which I probably wouldn’t have done if I was eating on my own.

When I look back at the memories, events or people that stand out most, it is the occasions where I was fully present that help me to remember so vividly how I felt.  I remember my grandmother’s bread drawer and I can still smell it’s wonderful scent or I remember the taste and feeling of my first kiss; the trees and colours were more vivid and the song on the radio more clear.

This is very similar to some of the exercises that can be extremely helpful when working through life lessons.  We need to practice being fully present and in tune with our intuition and our spirit so that we make decisions and memories using all of ourselves, including our 5 senses.

If you would like to live more fully let me know, I would be happy to help!

Blessings, Lindsey


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