Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Cleaning House

We all lead very busy lives!  It was a wonderfully busy March Break at our house and a few days ago I was washing the floor around the high chair because I hadn’t gotten to it the night before.

As I scrubbed the crusty, dried on bits of food and debris I thought about how much easier and quicker it would have been to clean it up right away while it was still fresh, light and loose. 

How often do we leave things to crust up, creating barriers and difficult situations instead of dealing with things as they come up and allowing it to be easy, quick and mess-free?

Someone, somewhere has said that God speaks to us first in a whisper and then continues to get louder or more obvious perhaps even by turning our world upside down in order to get our attention so that we can learn how our lives can be even better than we could ever imagine.

I know that I want to hear the whisper!!! I don’t want to wait until I hit the brick wall or the house falls down around me.  I don’t want the jealousy or hurt or anger or confusion to crust up and weigh me down.

Is there some Spring clean-up that you would like to do in order to move into the Summer of your life care-free and smiling? 

I have lots of “cleaning tools” in my tool kit that are easy to use and painfree!

🙂 Lindsey


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