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Let It Be Small

Those of you who know me know that I like to live the saying “Go big or go home” in all that I do.  At least when I embark on a new project.  It is perhaps this that has kept me from posting in quite some time.

I feel that I need to have a big AHA moment or some amazing story in order to feel legitimate in writing.

I do have a bit of a big story to share, a story where I learned once again that I need to “Let it be small”.

This Friday on November 11 I decided to spend some time at my Opa’s bush journalling and listening to nature.  I was lucky enough to be able to sit at the edge of the creek and listen to the water babbling along while the sun and wind wrapped me in their healing.  I heard my name called and then sensed that I was being called to do this more often, to take time to allow nature to heal me.  I was told that I don’t need to be or do BIG, I simply need to BE and to BE more often because my desire to be or do BIG actually keeps me from accepting and participating in the beauty and life that is with me in the small.  I have to admit this news made me a little sad because I have been carrying a BIG dream around and I really want it to come to fruition but the feeling that I had while spending time outside and listening to the small was so wonderful that I just had to listen.  At the end of my time of journalling and listening i heard a rooster crow and felt very strongly that this was signalling a New Day for me and how I perceive my role.

So I’m living in the small which is so abundant and present.  I encourage you to try it out, let go of the BIG, let go of the “down the road” and the “someday” that are perhaps holding you back or making you sometimes feel discouraged and BE.  BE in the small and the now and see what happens.  And as always, feel free to share your experience!

Sincerely, “let it be small” Lindsey 🙂

PS if anyone can tell me what “new wine needs new wineskins” might mean for my life I would greatly appreciate the insight!

PPS Stay tuned for a possible Dream Workshop “down the road” (uhoh… this means I just broke my own rule! I guess this shows how hard it is to teach me new tricks:) )



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