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Give Me Eyes So I Can See

I am blessed to have the gift of sight, and was reminded of this when a friend shared that she taught her class about braille because one of her students is blind.

Sadly, I often take this gift forgranted which probably makes me miss out on alot of things I could be seeing.

It makes me wonder, how many times have I asked for something and then received it without recognizing the “packaging” it came in.

This happened recently.  I have been asking  for a long time for a spiritual guide/mentor/advisor.  I have felt frustrated at different times when the people I thought would be the best fit were not willing or not able.

And then my eyes were opened.  For the last 8 months I have been meeting with a woman originally under the impression that I was helping or working with her… I now realize that she is the guide I was asking for for all that time.  My request was not granted in the way I thought it would be which is why my eyes were “blind” to receiving it.

I am so thankful that I now have the eyes to see this wonderful gift and I hope that I can be the student I want to be and learn as much as I can from this wonderful person.

All this makes me want to see more! To have my eyes opened to more opportunities and lessons and wisdom! So that’s my goal, to have eyes that see, not only what is right in front of me and impossible to miss but what is slightly hidden, and to be able to notice when my vision begins to be clouded over by distraction.

“And only one of the ten returned to Him to thank him for his new sight”

Thank You!!!! – Lindsey


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