Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Fitting It All In

It’s been busy and wonderful weekend! Lots of family and friends to see and events to attend.

I thought that being off on maternity leave would give me so much time to do the extra things that I didn’t feel I had time to do when I was working.  Little did I realize that I would just try to fit in enough things to be as busy or busier!

How do we fit it all in? The time with children, and partners and family and tidying and hobbies and meditation and exercise and…

How do we prioritize which items get the first time slots?  Is there a “best way” to organize that?

What feelings come into play when we are deciding how to spend our time? Guilt, duty, responsibility, joy, love, fear?

I have always thought it extremely important for me to have many friends, especially many girlfriends.  My life has shifted and lately I have been asking for guidance to strengthen the relationships that strengthen me and to peacefully release from relationships that are not for the greater good.  My circle is getting smaller but I feel that hopefully this will mean that the relationships I do have will get stronger.

As we finish celebrating Thanksgiving the stores are already gearing up for Christmas Holidays and all the events and outtings they bring.  As you look ahead to that time think about how you would like to feel, who you would like to spend quality time with and what you would like to fit in (including things like meditation, or spiritual rejuvenation, exercise etc).  How can you begin to ask for guidance to help these goals manifest themselves?

Today’s Balance: Divine guidance helps me to manifest the peaceful life I desire.



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