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The Grass is Greener

With all this rain we’ve had, our grass is looking especially healthy and green.  My husband is extremely happy about this since last year at this time we had hardly any grass because grubs had taken over.

It’s funny how we often see the grass as being greener somewhere other than where we are.  Most of my life there has been some part of myself that I’ve been comparing to others.  This comparison causing me not to be present in what I have or be able to have gratitude for where I am.

As I am learning to do this and learning to be aware of my life and my surroundings I am seeing what my grass looks like to others.  A friend of mine yesterday confided in me that she sees my grass as very green and wishes that she could be in my shoes.  She suggested that she has felt this for a long time and sadly it has kept her at a bit of a distance in our relationship at times.

This caused me to reflect on a couple of things.  First, I am very lucky.  My grass is very green for so many reasons and if I focus on those rather than outside of myself, I am able to experience wonderful joy. Second, I recognize that in my life there have been relationships or situations where my comparisons have caused me to stay back just a little.

How do we begin more purposefully to live in our own grass and recognize its greeness?  I have decided to start a gratitude jar, writing down on different pieces of paper all of the things I am grateful for and placing them in the jar.  On difficult days, when I am feeling that my grass is not particularly green, I will go into the jar and read the things I have forgotten.  On wonderful days, I will add new gratitudes to the jar.

What ideas do you use or could you use in order to focus on your own green grass?

In other news 🙂 I have had more Nature coming to greet me very specifically! A snake decided to visit our subdivision and sit right on our front step where we would meet him coming back from our daily walk and a crow flew beside the driver window of my car for almost a kilometer.  Check out what they both symbolize online and let me know what you think they are saying!

Today’s Balance: My eyes are open to my own life’s beauty and I can hold honouring that in any company.

Here’s to green grass! 🙂 Lindsey


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