Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

That’s the Light!

My son is almost 9 months now and he is infatuated with lamps and lights and our smoke detector’s flashing light.  He points at the light he sees and waits until we say what it is, “That’s the light”.  In a dream a few weeks ago a friend and her son came to play with Sawyer and I.  The game was called The Light Game.  You look for light and point it out so that everyone can see it.

Isn’t this what we all need to do!  Look for the light.  It’s everywhere, in our homes in those obvious places mentioned above, and shining in on the floor when I open the blinds each morning to welcome the sun.  It’s in the sparkle on the dew that sits on the grass and so many other places that I don’t always take the time to look.

I love photography and had the chance to take a course this summer with a very talented photographer.  One of the main new things I learned was how to see and appreciate different kinds of light and how it enhances the subject of your photograph.  After the course I have gone out a few times during the “golden hours” of dusk or dawn to take pictures with this special light.  The halos and flares of light that surround my subject take my breath away.

This light is for us! It is around us all the time and is there to enhance our lives if we but open our awareness to it.

So play the Light Game this week!  Look for the light around you and share it with others, “There’s the light!” and see how it enhances your life.

Today’s Balance: I see the light and the light surrounds me and enhances my life.

Light and life to all He brings! – Lindsey


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