Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

How Can I Keep From Singing?

Well, my friend passed away.  His body that is.  The service tonight was beautiful, especially the music.  As our voices joined and the harmonies melted together my heart overflowed.

I love music.  I love to sing.  I cannot help but smile or cry when I hear familiar and favourite songs.  I have sung in a choir most of my life and tonight I was reminded how important song is to me.

Tonight is sad. I have so many unanswered questions.  At the forefront I am asking why God doesn’t allow me to experience or participate in the healing that is so familiar in the New Testament of the Bible.

Even with all the knowledge from the courses I’ve taken and meeting with all of you; I feel it’s of no use if I’m not given the opportunity to become part of the healing power and process.

And then I pause… And I am still… And the voice says, you are. You are healing because you are. Because of your heart, your tears and most of all… your song.

When I hear that, how can I keep from singing?  So my promise to you friend, Friend, friends is that I will never silence my heart and I will never silence my song.  I will keep singing, and dancing and living and loving and that, yes that, will be my healing participation and experience.

Thank you, all of you! for your prayers, and work and energy and love.  Let us continue to make beautiful music to heal this world.

Forever in song – Lindsey


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