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Spiders, Spiders Everywhere!

I have seen spiders many times.  I used to catch daddy long legs and let them crawl on my hands and arms in order to show the children I used to work with at the Provincial Park.  I like daddy long legs but don’t care much for the hairy spiders.

This summer I have seen many more spiders than usual and have said out loud that it seems more than coincidence.  I had a dock spider the size of the bottom of a peanut butter jar decide to hang out on my stomach while at the cottage!  And two days ago while I was trying my hand at an art project 2 spiders (the fat, hairy kind) decided to try and give me a hand.  Today as I was typing an email, a spider swung down from its web directly in front of my eyes between me and my computer so I could not help but see it.

All these spiders cannot be a coincidence.  It is also not coincidence that at a friend’s house last week we talked about the book Animal Speak and a few people shared their not so coincidental animal encounters.  This led me to look up spiders and what they symbolize.

What I found was very interesting and I will share some here but if you want more information check out Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

Spiders are Grandmothers in Native tradition, they teach the mysteries of the past and how they connect/influence the future.  They are also a reminder to awaken our sensibilities to be more creative in life.

The juicy part of this comes at the end of the explanation where there are several questions to ask yourself if spider has come into your life:

Are you not weaving your dreams and imaginings into reality?

Are you not using your creative opportunities?

Are you feeling closed in or stuck as if in a web?

Do you need to pay attention to your balance and where you are walking in life?

Are others out of balance around you?

Do you need to write?

Are you inspired to write or draw and are not following through?


Maybe some of these questions will spark something for you as well?  I am a writer, I love writing and used to write poetry as a way of dealing with difficult emotions.  Perhaps this is part of the reason for the visits from the spider?  I am also still pondering my job situation and future.  Am I stuck? Are there opportunities that I am not using?  I have lots of dreams and imaginings that I will readily admit I am afraid to weave into reality.

At the least I want to say a big thank you to the spider for being willing to meet me so many times until my eyes were willing to see the message it was trying to bring! How often does that happen I wonder?  We yearn for messages, for direction, for insight but how many times does nature show us the Truth and our eyes are not able to see it because of fear, or inability to slow down or other circumstances. Something to ponder!

Today’s Balance: I allow myself to be creative and weave my dreams into reality.

My eyes are open and receptive to nature’s wisdom and guidance.

May the animals come in abundance to teach me what is within and waiting to be found. – Lindsey





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