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The Sound of Silence 2

So I’ve had a few small, successful moments of being able to stay silent when I would normally have said something but on the whole it’s HARD!!! for me to keep my mouth shut 🙂 (what a surprise Lindsey) 🙂

I’ve learned alot in a few ways though over the last couple of days and so that’s what this post is about.

A few weeks ago at the end of August I went to Toronto, just me and the babe (the little babe that is), to visit my aunt.  She has been having a rough time so I was going in the hopes of bringing some insight and cheer to her life!  One of the things we did while I was there was to write each other a letter (stationary is one of my fav’ things to splurge on!) and then to write ourselves a letter saying what we thought we might need to hear in a week’s time (approx how long I thought the mail would take).  Oh ya, the other catch was that we had to write them when I said “go” and we only had 5 minutes per letter.  We cheated a bit and wrote for about 15 minutes total.

I had almost forgotten about these letters because they took longer than a week to get through the T.O. mail system.  I just received them yesterday and interestingly enough I wrote to myself that I needed to listen to the silence, notice and appreciate my husband and realize that my son’s sleeplessness is an opportunity to spend precious time with him while he is little.  I really needed to hear all of those things this week!!!  How could I have predicted that 3 weeks ago when I thought I would get the letter long before I actually did???  AMAZING! 🙂  I encourage all of you to try it, I’m definitely doing it again!!

The other lesson comes from Mark Nepo again.  He writes that one of the questions put to the sick by a Native American Medicine Man is “When was the last time you told your story?” because is the telling that heals.

Is this part of my desperation to speak?  Am I trying to heal something through my words?  Do I feel that I am not able to tell my story?  What is my story?  Who am I? Can I only figure it out by talking through it around others in my daily conversations?  These questions definitely cause me to pause and think about this idea!

Mark also talks about how “so much is going on at any one time beneath what we show the world that all our feelings, all our thoughts and expressions, splash like water on those we surface before”.  Hmmm… How many times have I splashed on you?  I want to try and do what I can to make those splashes of healing water instead of some alternative. “Every person, when looked squarely in the eye, is a wisdom-creature, full of things that cannot be said.  Each of us a spirit-fish breaking through for love and air.”  I want to be able to be still, and silent in order to see and take in this widsom.  He admits that ” we don’t often take the risk or time to stand before another long enough for their truth to surface.”

I would love to sit with each one of you in silence, looking at each other, allowing the time and silence in order to inhale the wisdom of the other.


That’s why we’re here isn’t it?  🙂


Today’s Balance: I see everyone I meet as a wisdom creature.

I take the risk and time to stand before You long enough for Your truth to surface.

It is easy for me to sit in silence and give and receive the wisdom that is within.


The light that is within me humbly bows to the light that is within you. – Lindsey


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