Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Oops… I haven’t been blogging lately.  The little one is teething and hilarious now that he is crawling so he keeps me busy.  But to be totally honest I haven’t had a specific topic inspire me lately.

Interestingly enough I had a conversation about this very thing with my brother (any conversation here is a huge victory so super cheers to that!!!) regarding his paintings.  My brother is a very gifted artist and he wants to accumulate enough paintings to have his own gallery showing but feels he’s in a bit of a slump with regards to the inspiration needed for some new ones.

For me inspiration in my life comes from nature for the most part.  I love watching sunsets and sunrises, seeing wild flowers on my walks and watching horses walk and run gracefully through their pastures.  I am amazed by the Canadian Shield and the fact that perfectly smooth rocks stand stoic beside rough and tumble ones, making me pause to imagine how that occurred.  I also get inspiration from the people around me and my day to day life.  This sounds like alot of options and opportunities to be inspired so why aren’t the words coming?

In my conversation with my brother (this is proof that balancing does work! 🙂 ) he said that he gets his inspiration from the dark places.  He would be the first to admit that in his life there are many.  At first I felt very uncomfortable with the idea that he had to be in a dark place in order to create something so amazing but then I realized this is the way he works through the dark places.  This is his therapy.  He is able to walk through his thoughts and feelings with textures and colours and techniques.  This is probably why some of his paintings take 70+ hours to create and have such depth and layered dimension to them.  I hope that some day he is able to have a gallery showing and able to show others how beautiful the dark places can be if we are willing to see the inspiration and light that can come from them.

I have had my share of dark places and have sometimes been able to glean inspiration from those times.  Mostly in those times it is other people who inspire me.  People who are willing to walk with me even when I am not easy to be around.  People who have gone through their own difficulties and come out stronger.  People who have qualities I aspire to have.  All of you inspire me!!! When we get together I feel very inspired and fortunate to have such wonderful and supportive and honest friends.

See below for a sneak peek of my brother’s work (my art photography skills aren’t great and the textures are much more powerful in person but you’ll get an idea).  If you like it you’ll have to keep your eyes open for his new website “6 Concepts” and his partial showing at UMEI on September 11.

Thank you for inspiring me to continue on this amazing journey!!

Today’s balance: All of my senses are able to take in the inspiration around me.

I am inspired by and inspiring to others.

I allow the dark places in my journey to teach and inspire me.

With eyes wide open. – Lindsey


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