Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Friend or Foe?

I seem to be my own foe more often than I’d like.  The chatter in my head leans toward the negative when I am the topic.  It is often related to the physical but can cover any and all parts of me and who I am.

Why do we do this?  I get the sense from some of the conversations I’ve had lately that women are very good at being their own worst enemy, perhaps moreso than men.

I want to love myself. I’ve balanced to love myself unconditionally.  I try to think of positive things about myself but the chatter creeps in.  Have you noticed, as one friend mentioned, that we even do it when others try to pay us a compliment: “You look nice today!”… “Oh, I don’t really like this top, it’s too ____________.”  or whatever way we try to deflect the compliment instead of accepting it.

I find myself doing it most when I create almost impossible expectations for myself and then am not able to meet them.  I thought I would be jogging 30 minutes every day 5 weeks after the baby was born and when I wasn’t I told myself it was because I was lazy and unmotivated.  I feel like I should not eat anything other than whole foods and then tell myself that I give up too easily when I have a cookie or an icecream cone with my husband on one of our rare nights out 🙂 The list could go on and on!  I can even do it with balacing, if I don’t see immediate changes or the exact changes I think should occur then I must be a terrible facilitator and have something wrong with the way I’m practicing! (Is any of this sounding familiar?) 🙂

So, as I write this, I square my shoulders a bit more, I smile at myself, I give myself a break.  But more than that.  I stand up to the chatter! I realize I have the control to say “Stop!”.  I think about how wonderful I am and list all my positives outloud.  I am going to be my own best friend, even if it only lasts for this moment. I’ll just start all over again the next time the chatter comes in.  “Perseverance isn’t one long race but a series of short ones, one after another.”

How can we do unto others as we would have them do to us if our “do to us” isn’t doing so great?  Giving negativity to ourselves causes us at some point to fill up to where we need to release it and that usually ends up being on someone else.  So, be your own best friend in order to be a good friend to those you meet along your journey!

Today’s Balance: I am my own best friend and my inner dialogue reflects that.

Good night to me: beautiful, intelligent, kind, generous, sexy:), strong and so much more… May I remember all of these wonderful qualities I possess when I wake up in the morning with bedhead and rings around my eyes 🙂

Blessings and Love, Lindsey


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