Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

I’ve been learning alot over the last year about asking for help.  Last night I had another opportunity to see its value.

My son is getting his top teeth and last night he was a very sad boy.  He cried for 2 hours and nothing was helping.  I tried homeopathics, I then tried tylenol, I tried inside and outside and different carrying positions and feeding and balancing… nothing would help him to calm down.  Finally, I broke down and asked for help.  I called my good ol’ dad and through tears of my own, asked if he would come and help me.

As the universe would have it, 5 minutes after I took the step to ask for help and made the call my son was smiling and happy… Nothing else had changed, I had learned the lesson and that’s when I realized it.  My dad still came and we had a nice late night walk to put the baby to sleep and I also got the opportunity to remind myself and my dad how much I love him and appreciate him.

That’s the think with asking for help.  It doesn’t only serve or help the “asker”, the person giving the help also receives the gift of feeling useful and wanted and loved and appreciated and what a gift that is that we can give.

Asking takes us off the island and puts us back into relationship.  It brings us back into community.  In my case it brings back the “it takes a village to raise a child” motto which has been quite amazing for us.

So, I’m allowing myself to ask for help.  It takes a bit of humility which feels good in the end, and it also takes a bit of courage.  It brings me closer to people and makes me feel that much more wonderful when I am then able to give the help in return.

A little help from my friends, a little help for my friends, asking and giving a little help to make the universe a better place. I’ll start with me 🙂

Today’s balance: I allow myself to ask for help.

I look forward to asking for and giving help to each and every one of you in order to build on our relationship.

Blessings, Lindsey


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