Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Too Legit To Quit

Why does balancing sometimes not seem to “work”? Or why do I not see results right away sometimes?

It can be quite frustrating.  It seems most frustrating when I’m trying to balance with other people whether I’m working with them together or in surrogation.  Sometimes it is difficult for either of us to distinguish between strong and weak, or name the goal, or see results in the following weeks which discourages them from continuing.  Is it because they don’t believe?  Is it because we’re not balancing the right thing? (but then shouldn’t that be made aware during the permission and commitment?)

I want it to  be magic 🙂 I want to be able to help everyone! And then in the back of my mind the voice says “Everyone has to walk their own journey… We can’t do it for them or learn their lessons for them.”  Still, sometimes it makes me want to give up, to listen to the cynics, but then I remember all the experiences I’ve had and the ones all of you have share with me and I remember how legitimate and powerful it is and that I can’t quit.

This is probably the time when I should then go back to my own work and see where I can receive wisdom and  healing. (but it’s so much easier to avoid that by working with others!) I should probably look into why I feel that way 🙂 What comes to mind right now as I’m writing is that it gives me self-esteem and self-confidence when the success is obvious to me and my partner.  Self-esteem that I should have from internal and not external sources. I’m working on that 🙂

Have any of you experienced this frustration of selective balancing success? Muscle testing difficulty? Sceptics and cynics?  Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

Today’s Balance: All balances I participate in are for the greater good and I see their effectiveness clearly and immediately.

#2 My self-esteem comes from within.

#3 I am an eternal optimist.

Looking forward to feedback and success stories!  Believing always, Lindsey


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