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The Land of What If???

Shoulda… Coulda… Woulda 🙂  These can be put into the past or future and either way they take us out of our present.

“If you try to comprehend air before breathing it, you will die” Mark Nepo

He speaks about when we consider things too long, whether that’s rehashing the past or contemplating the future, the information and options or opinions begin to weigh us down.  We CAN overthink our lives which can make us feel heavy.

Instead of worrying about how our past is affecting us or how our future will turn out we need to get out and live our present.

“The day is to be experienced, not understood!” Hindu Sage

I am right now in the middle of overthinking some things 🙂 (what a surprise Lindsey) I do have a tendency to “live in my head” and over think things from paint colours to relationships and beyond.  It takes up alot of time and at the moment feels like it is a heavy weight.

So if you find yourself living in the Land of What If, take a deep breath and transport yourself back into the Present.  It’s a great place to be and carries no weight at all 🙂

Today’s Balance: I am at peace with the life I have in this very moment.

Now that feels like somewhere I want to be! – Lindsey


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