Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Where is the balance?

Between being peaceful and centered and making sure to speak up for yourself and protect yourself in difficult situations?

While I was away my guests and myself were treated very rudely by someone who I considered a long time friend.  As the situation unfolded I was unsure what to do… I feel like I am trying to be a more peaceful person, someone who is slow to speak and wise with words.  I am trying to be more understanding and “a perfect example of synchronicity and flow” but how do I do that and still let this person know that they have hurt me, or overstepped a boundary?

Where is the balance here?  I did address the situation in the end, and I was proud of myself for the way I did it.  I remained calm, I started by expressing my appreciation of the positive relationship I had with that person and then my concern for the way the situation was handled.  They did apologize but it was icy and when I saw them again the next day they were still very reserved.

I guess I’m realizing once again that it’s a journey and it’s not a quick sprint to the final destination of perfect peace.  I’m also learning these past few weeks that it’s not about the answers (much to my frustration) 🙂 but about the questions and the curiosity.

I would love to know how you figure out the balance between these two and how you have addressed difficult situations in positive ways!

Today’s Balance: “I love myself enough to respect myself and others in difficult situations”

Tomorrow: Collecting Heroes (that’s all of you!)


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