Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Who knew the Sun could be so healing!  I’m sure many of you did, and I guess I have heard before about the positive effects of the sun but had tucked that away back in my mind.

Sometimes in the winter I do get a little blue, feel a little sluggish and don’t get as much done that I’d like to (including fun things).  Now, even though it’s summer, I still sometimes feel that way because I let myself stay in the house all day or even days at a time and I don’t go out to see Mr. Sun!

Yesterday I spent the day on the island!  I got lots of sun, and made sure to wear lots of sunblock.  It was so rejuvenating and wonderful! I couldn’t stop smiling and I am still smiling thinking about it.  I didn’t do anything special, just some bike riding but nature was giving me lots of what I needed!

One of our friends posted an article on facebook about the importance of nature and I have had many such articles come my way in the last 4 months.  I have a strong desire to create a career that allows me to use my gifts in nature to further nuture myself, my family and students.  What will that look like? I don’t know exactly yet but I’m dreaming about it and allowing myself to be used in whatever way is best.

So, get out in the Sun! Get out in nature! Let the birds sing to you and the waves call your name.  And dream big dreams today!

Today’s Balance: I allow myself to be healed by nature’s goodness and love.

The sun fills my cup til it overflows, overflows with love. – Lindsey

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