Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Mother Earth

Ground yourself.  Be grounded.  Be rooted to the earth and all its magic.

I’m on a nature kick! 🙂 I will not be posting for the next several days (unless I get very ambitious and post from the i-phone) because I will be up north at our cottage.

We have no electricity, no running water/plumbing and no indoor toilet.  Some of you are cringing now! 🙂 But I grew up this way and love it.  There are no lights or hums from electronic devices.  It’s me and my family and Mother Earth.

I love the family cottage.  I am rooted there.  I took my husband there when I first knew that he was a keeper, we were engaged there, we honeymooned there and this weekend I will bring our son there for the first time at 6 months.  I would like to live there!

We are not in cottage country, we are in a provincial park and there are no other cottages in sight.  It is still, it is quiet and it restores my soul.  I am looking forward to sitting in the sand, surrounded by pine trees more than 100 years old and listening to what the rocks and moss have to teach me.  I will definitely post pictures when I return so you can get a taste of what it’s like!

This weekend I would like to encourage you to take a Mother Earth moment wherever you are.  Walk outside.  Breathe in the air.  Sit down on the ground.  Feel your body connecting with the earth.  Stretch out your hands and touch the grass or sand and hold Mother Earth in a loving embrace.

We owe her alot. We take her forgranted alot.  She’s been through alot. Let’s give the love back ALOT!  Try it, every day this weekend, take 5 minutes to sit on the earth and send out loving thank yous.  I think we’ll all be surprised at how much we receive in return!

This weekend’s balances: I am continuously grateful for Mother Earth.

I love Mother Earth unconditionally.

I respect myself and everything around me.

I am perfect already because I come from Mother Earth and she is perfect..

-Lindsey (below is a sneak peek from one of last year’s trips)

It is well.  It is well. It is well with my soul!


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