Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

As I sit here and think about this title I chuckle a little thinking about the totally different responses I would have given at different stages in my life…  When I was a teenager for example!  Oh, I wish I could talk to that girl; I’d give her so much encouragement and reassurance and love!  When I was 8 or under I’m sure I had it all together, I probably would have been able to give the best description of who I was.  A little walk down memory lane is fun now that I am where I am and I can look with love at who I’ve been.

Now… who am I?  Mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, teacher and student!, creator, idea lover!, counsellor, healer, necessary part of the Divine, and so many more things.  Can I really pinpoint who I am?  Am I my height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, age, or shoe size? (which is a perfect 10!) 🙂

Michele Caron who is a life coach in Toronto talks about questions you can ask in order to begin discovering yourself.  Who do you admire and why?  What is your favourite thing to do? Why?  What is your least favourite thing to do and why?  What do you need in order to thrive? to survive?

Remember those Meyers Briggs Personality tests?  You were Introverted, or Extroverted. You thought from the perspective of  Sensation or Intuition.  You made decisions through Thinking or Feeling.  And settled things by Judging or Perceiving.  You answered multiple choice questions and your personality was given to you by a computer…  Maybe these categories can give us some insight into our personality and who we are but it is much more than this.

I have had times where I liked my personality and times where I didn’t… or others didn’t.  I’ve been told by some that I have a strong personality, and maybe I do (I will try to change that perception of strength into a positive rather than its original intended meaning).  Thankfully Louise Hay says “my soul has taken on many personalities, and it will take on many more.”  which tells me that my soul, or who I am, is not my personality.

Louise also writes, “The more I allow myself to understand how life works, the more power and force I have available to me.”  I cannot understand who I am as just I.  I am not me alone, I am part of everything and I need to understand that and how that interconnectedness works in order to understand who I/We are and access the power that is in that understanding.

I am one, individual expression of Life, of Divine, of the Collective Soul.

And therefore I am the beauty I see in others, I am the peace I create in my home, I am the strength I encourage in my son, I am the love I see in my husband, I am the wisdom I co-create with all of you!

Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening, writes that we claim our own presence when we say, “I Am Here”.  And that others can validate our personhood by saying “I See You!”.  Who are the people in your life who can say “I See You” and with whom you say “I Am Here” ?

Try this exercise that he gives at the end of his entry:

– Sit with a trusted loved one, and with your eyes closed, meditate on their essence as you know them.

– When filled with their presence, open your eyes and declare with joy and sincerity, “I See You!”

– Allow your loved one the space to proclaim in return, “I Am Here!”

– Switch roles, and repeat this process of seeing and knowing.

It might even be valuable to do this with oneself… Is it possible to somehow get stuck in a place where we don`t see ourselves and that is why we don`t know where or who we are?

I want all of you to know that I Am Here! and I, am opening my eyes to, See You!

🙂 Lindsey

Perhaps today`s balance is for each of us to `Be still and know…` for ourselves 🙂

Comments on: "Who am I?… I Am Here and I See You!" (2)

  1. Lindsey,
    Today I made the time to read a few of your posts and I’m deeply moved by your sharing! You are so amazing! The joy and wisdom of the ages is coming through you – even the short posts are so right on. You seem to say just what I need to hear. Thank you for sharing yourself and creating this space to express! You are a blessing in the world! A million thank yous’!

    • Karen, I am honoured and humbled by your loving words! I am so glad that you feel connected to what I write about! I feel so good every time I post and think about my life in a different way from the way I used to! Much of that is thanks to you 🙂 Let’s keep passing this collective wisdom on!
      xoxo Lindsey

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