Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Magical! As I was “listening” this morning it was as if I could hear all of you “listening” at the same time! So many smiling faces came to my mind and I got goosebumps!

I can’t seem to “unhide” the comments that people are writing here, or my responses and I fear that some of you aren’t getting to read the amazing questions that are being raised so I wanted to bring them to light in a third post related to this topic!

The most recent question was related to identity (which I’m so excited to post specifically about tomorrow!) and how it relates to our song.  Morals, beliefs, interests, passions; what do we look to when trying to find or hear our song?

I’m not sure it’s any of these, my sense is that they are too specific and our souls are so large and all encompassing!

I suggested a breathing exercise that was inspired by a book I’m reading by Mark Nepo (the name escapes me right now but I’ll make sure to find it!) and I just practiced it this morning and found it so fabulous that I think everyone should try it!

Take a few moments each morning or evening, by yourself (outside is even better now that it’s summer!) and just breathe.  That’s it!  Sit or stand outside, close your eyes, and take a deep breath in.  Notice your breath, notice how it enters your body, how it feels in your nose, how it changes your posture, how your eyes feel.  Then breathe out, and notice how it leaves your body, how it feels on your tongue and your lips, how your belly moves.  And smile at the fact that you were just in touch with yourself and your soul and your song.  Do that a few times and see what surfaces! Please share with us through email or comments what you experience!

Breath is so amazing and I often take it very forgranted.  Yoga has helped me to realize just a small part of its potential.  We breathe in LIFE and spirit and energy.

I seize the wisdom and spirit that is in my own breath.

“Just breathe…”

🙂 Lindsey

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