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The Song of My Soul II

Wow! I had such a graet response to yesterday’s post that I feel I should continue with that topic!  Thank you again to everyone for your comments and questions, I am learning so much!

As I reflect on the success of this last post it’s interesting that when I started this blog I thought it was so important to research and read up on whatever topic I chose to write about that day but yesterday’s post just felt like something on my mind that I wanted to think about outloud!  I was going with the flow, so easy and obviously so right!

In order to honour the song of your soul you first need to know what that song is.  A friend asked what I have changed in order to do this.  It’s through small things like honouring that I love to learn… and I love to share my excitement of learning.  I used to hide that somewhat because somewhere along the way I understood that to be an undesirable quality.  I used to worry about my personality, questioning myself “do I talk to much? am I interesting enough?” and now I realize that if I listen to my soul then I know clearly when I have something that I want and need to say and I feel good when I follow that through to say it even if no one else is speaking.

I still don’t have it all figured out!  I still sometimes catch myself wanting to be something that I’m not, or at least that I’m not right now.  Lately it has been that I want to be a runner again.  But I’m just not… at least right now, and that’s ok.

Probably the biggest difference that I’ve made in my life in order to follow the rhythm of the song of my soul is time with myself and balances for myself.  Taking a bit of time throughout the day (literally seconds sometimes) to check in and ask “how do I feel in this situation? Why do I feel that way? Am I honouring my feelings through what I’m saying or doing?  What lesson am I learning right now”.  I used to want to help everyone else with balances and I am realizing that I can be so much more helpful to others when I take that time for myself.  It’s part of the reason I started this blog. 🙂 If we each take that time to balance something for ourselves every day it gives us that reason to take those minutes to get quiet, and listen.

The more we listen to our song, the easier it is to follow and the easier it is to dance!

So… I would love to hear how each of you try to listen to the song of your soul! Please comment on this post with how you do that so that we can all learn from it!

And perhaps because time often feels difficult to come by the perfect balance for today is:

There is always enough time to listen for and honour the song of my soul.


I can’t wait to hear from everyone! -Lindsey

Comments on: "The Song of My Soul II" (2)

  1. Taking the time to do things just for “me” is something I often struggle with as a mother and as a wife, some how I forget that I am also me. (Sometimes I forget who I am all-together?) Maybe that’s part of why I don’t know what my soul’s song is? But how do I define who I am? Is it about defining goals, likes and values? Do those things defined and listed tell me who I am? Or is it simply my values and beliefs that define me?

    • Ah yes, the power of motherhood! Such an amazing gift and so important that sometimes it overtakes us! I hear your yearning to know yourself and part of me wants to tell you exactly who you are and how to be “that” to put your heart at ease but part of the joy is in discovering it for yourself. Perhaps begin by taking a few moments each morning or evening, by yourself (outside is even better now that it’s summer!) and just breathe. That’s it! Sit or stand outside, close your eyes, and take a deep breath in. Notice your breath, notice how it enters your body, how it feels in your nose, how it changes your posture, how your eyes feel. Then breathe out, and notice how it leaves your body, how it feels on your tongue and your lips, how your belly moves. And smile at the fact that you were just in touch with yourself and your soul and your song. Do that a few times and see what surfaces! I can’t wait to hear 🙂

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