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The Song of My Soul

A few days ago I walked into our nursery to find my husband dancing with our 6 month old in his arms. I watched from the door for a while and then couldn’t help myself but join in for the rest of the song!

When I am listening to the song of my soul, my life is like a dance.  Everything flows to a perfect rhythm and feels light and easy.  The song of my soul is a beautiful song if I do say so myself!

But there are many times that I stray from that beautiful song.  Trying to follow someone else’s rhythm and then I’m all left feet! That’s when there is no flow and I start to step on the toes of those around me.  Sorry if that has been you at one point.

Today I’m getting on the dance floor again with renewed zeal and confidence to follow the song of my soul.

Join me!

I dance through life when I honour the song of my soul.

I look forward to the next time we meet! I promise to try to flow with you and keep your toes safe and sound 🙂


Comments on: "The Song of My Soul" (3)

  1. Laura Tiessen said:

    That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    love Laura

  2. I hear you about stepping on others feet, (both figuratively and real life) like at Zumba tonight. I find myself sometimes taking a bad mood out on my family when they are rarely the reason for my displeasure. So how do I know my souls song? Will I just recognize it when I hear it?

    • For me I think I hear my soul’s song when I take the time to listen to it, meaning myself, and really honour myself, who I am, (not what I think I should be or shouldn’t be, or what others might want me to be). It’s not easy at first, but once you start doing it it’s so amazing you can’t help but do it more and more. Come over tonight or sometime soon and I can see if there are balances that would help you to hear your song. 🙂

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