Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Testing…Testing 1,2,3!

This post could perhaps also be titled “Trust 101”.  So we have the information, we know what we need to do but when we try and experience the knowledge sometimes our doubt gets the better of us.

Even as I am preparing this post and checking to see if there is any information I should add I get my testing signals mixed up and that little bit of doubt creeps in and says, “how do you know all those other signals were correct???”

I am able to counter that voice with my spirit that says, “I am willing to be an eternal student in this life, learning from ALL experiences.”  We need to see our unclear signals as lessons that are just as important as the clearn signals.

And we need to do this with unconditional love!  We need to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are right now because if we put conditions on that like “I need to be able to test more accurately all the time” then we are not loving freely and it is not love but control.

And I realize that is a big part of it for me. I want some kind of control.  Control for good, I tell myself as justification, but control nonetheless.  When I want to help someone else balance something even if it is not their greatest good I am controlling them and I need to release that and allow them the freedom to be who they are. Remembering that I am doing the best that I can with the knowledge and awareness I have.

Imagine knowing yourself that well!  And you do, you just need to trust. And keep  on testing!!!

Try these to help you, and perhaps practice them multiple times by doing them via surrogation for others as well! (I’m always up for some outside help) 🙂

– I trust my intuition

– I trust the spiritual guidance I receive

** Today, also check that the negative of each of these statements is in balance (which means the negative should be weak).  Sometimes we can have “our foot on the gas and on the brake at the same time”.

Thank you for learning along with me! A special thanks to those of you who have shared your comments via the blog or email! Please keep the comments coming, they help me so much!


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