Natural Practices to Heal Yourself, Your Community and Your World

Albert Einstein said that “Knowledge is experience; everything else is just information”. Many of us have gathered lots of information from the courses we have taken but we need to turn that information into knowledge by practicing it and experiencing it!

One of the main reasons I keep myself from experiencing knowledge
is impatience! I want to be a perfect tester now! I want instant results that
are evident at the conscious level! I want everyone to see the benefits and ask
for help. But it doesn’t work that way… 🙂

Louise Hay writes “When I am impatient I know it is because I do not want to learn the lesson at hand.” Oh there are so many lessons to learn! 🙂 This is where the whole destination vs journey argument comes into play.  We need to be at peace with the process, knowing that every step of the way we are learning and really doing the work that allows us to get to the balance or the healing and it always happens in the perfect time even if that is not our desired time.

Being impatient does not speed things up. I’ve learned this the hard way sometimes when trying to demonstrate to someone who is unfamiliar or when trying to take a short cut to fix a problem that I know will take longer than I want.  Being impatient only wastes time and causes many other side effects like tension and eye rolling and heavy sighing… impatience should have a warning label! 🙂

So what to do? Take a deep breath, and listen.  Listen for the lesson, for the guidance. And when I do this, it always feels right, and it always makes so much sense! There is so much help around me if I only sit patiently to receive it.

I like this patient Lindsey so much when she is strong enough to be!  When I am patient I am a peaceful person and my world seems so much more peaceful even though no one and nothing else has changed.

Today’s balance is all about patience.

I am patient going through the healing process for myself and

I enjoy the process and listen patiently for the guidance that is
all around me.

I commit to experiencing the knowledge I have gained even when things get tough or take a long time.

“They that wait will renew their strength, they will soar with wings like eagles.”

I’m ready to be an eagle!

Blessings, Lindsey

Comments on: "Where Do I Go From Here?" (1)

  1. Patience is always a good lesson, but somehow it’s the lesson I forget the quickest. I want to lose weight so I try different things, but never long enough to actually meet a weightloss goal – I want results now – I mean right now! When I don’t get them I lose patience in what I’m trying. What you said is right, being impatient doesn’t speed things up. It makes things harder.

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