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To all the light workers, energy workers and beautiful souls who live with their hearts,

lindseyDo you sometimes feel it’s tough out there and that you want to do good things and live your purpose but you also want to put food on the table and you also want to do the life things of being with your kids and your family and friends, havingfun and learning new things?

Do you feel that it’s sometimes difficult to tell people what you do and have them understand how energy works? Maybe you are looking for a way to create an open door for them to want to peek through so that it feels safe to explore working with you.

Do you feel heavy or anxious or confused when someone asks how much you charge for a session? And this tightrope comes out because you’re trying to balance being humble and modest and only focused on heart while also wanting to be valued and blessed for your gifts and able to have some time and financial freedom? Maybe even to use that time and money to further bless your community and your cause.

I felt all these things.


Creating a partnership between my energy work and tangible holistic health and wellness tools that create unmistakable, immediate experiences instantly shifted all of that for me.

I would like to share with you how I:


  • created a safe open door for people unfamiliar with energy work to peek into and walk through easily and curiously.


  • supercharged my energy sessions to be faster and more powerful and more lasting between sessions (no starting back at square one each week…).


  • figured out how to feel more relaxed before, during and after sessions even with the most difficult, closed off clients.


  • created time and financial freedom that is not restricted to the old fee for service model. We only have so many hours in a week and we need to take care of our health and balance and energy so that we can continue to serve with our hearts authentically. We no longer want to be the guru but rather give tools that empower those we work with to spread their wings and care deeply for themselves while still honouring and blessing us for helping them get started and walking with them.


This beautiful gift is allowing me to realize my dream of opening a Nature Retreat Centre that will create opportunities for so many people to experience holistic healing and is allowing me to truly live out my purpose while also caring for my two sons, nurturing my relationship with my husband and creating space for my passions.


Many of us know the old models and ways of doing things are falling away and they no longer work. We need to be open to the new ways of doing things for the new era we are in.

If this rings true for you, if you know that you are ready to let the old ways fall away to make space for a new easier way join me for a webinar where I will share the first steps to this beautiful option that is full of ease and joy.

Email me at  for details and instructions.


Blessings, xo

So today I got to do something wonderful and fabulous!


I was able to share mindfulness tools with a staff of 30 in Windsor.  I shared my 4 main ways to de-stress, bring the body from sympathetic to parasympathetic response and how those things positively affect body and mind.


Mental health is my passion.  After getting sick I knew that I wanted tools that would help me, my children and those I met who were struggling.

When I was presenting today and listening to people I knew that I was absolutely marrying my passion with my purpose.  I floated out of the session and I’m still expressing gratitude for this beautiful opportunity.

“You have such a calming voice”

“Can you live in my classroom?”

“When can you come back?”


I’d love to be a mindfulness consultant for the school board!  I would love to work with anyone wanting to feel more calm, peace and joy in their life.


Tonight I got to teach an essential oils class with a group of ladies.  We discussed all the ways to use Lemon including some great recipes for cooking with lemon.  One of the ladies there said that this was better than any other evening out.  A group of women, learning together, growing, becoming their best selves.  Again, I feel my passion and purpose aligning perfectly and blessing others.

I am starting a new Mindful Movement for Moms and Kids series soon so keep your eyes open for that event information.

What is your passion? Purpose? Is there a way you can bring the two together?


Blessings, xo

A dissolution.


When we look inside and we dissolve the hate or frustration or fear (or anything we are struggling with) we then breathe out and our response can be a creation; a piece of art.


That’s why we blog. Why we paint. Why we sew and crochet and take photographs. Why we make beautiful oil blends and wooden trays. That’s why we do art.


Because we have dissolved and let go and now we can exhale something beautiful and healing.


And that dissolution and exhaling doesn’t overpower others who aren’t able to be in that space yet… (here’s the big aha for me)  It welcomes them in. It welcomes them into the dissolution. The sweetness. The surrender. The oneness.



watch this to see it unfold… I’d love for you to comment below your reactions.

This morning we had our 20th session of Wildhood!  Wildhood is the nature immersion program I created for moms and kids to combat Nature Deficit Disorder as described by the amazing Richard Louv who wrote the book Last Child in the Woods.  While we were outside enjoying the changing season I reflected back on how this program has come to be and how I have felt so supported along the way.

My son Sawyer who is 5 loves being outside and I couldn’t help but notice that his emotions and interactions with his 2 year old brother were so much more positive and calm when we were in nature.  Having grown up immersed in nature until I got married and moved to the “city” my heart would sing the minute we stepped into the woods with backpacks on and compasses in hand.  As I started to share about our explorations and my observations of emotions and behaviour more moms were asking if they could join and reap these same benefits for themselves and their children.  Wildhood was born.

Since then we have made branch benches, created shapes with sticks and grass “twine”, decorated our “campsite” with berries and colourful leaves, saved snails, made mini snail rafts, picked berries, identified plant, tree and fungus species, made a plantain salve for a bee sting, practiced our orienteering skills of listening, using the sun, trying out a compass and using our eyes to find the pine stands.  We have climbed rolling hills and tumbled to the ground, we have climbed trees and swung on vines, we have laughed and we have had some tears when children didn’t want to share their best walking stick 🙂 and the captains of the group have helped the younger ones to figure out those big world problems.

It has been AMAZING.

It was never difficult. There was never a struggle.  It was an innocent idea born of need and passion.  And it grew all by its beautiful self.  I realize now because I let it.  I didn’t push or prod. I didn’t force or skirt around gratitude for the present in favour of desperate desire for the future possibilities.  Wow that feels great! Maybe I should do that more and in other areas right?! 😉  Lesson learned lovely universe! I’ve taken note.

I’ve also felt beautifully supported by the great tribe of women that I am learning to reach out to and accept and spend time with. Some in person, some only via blogs like this and Facebook groups.  I’m grateful for these women and the support they provide.

Are you looking to feel supported from every direction?  Reach out to me at and I would be more than happy to have you join our tribe 🙂

Blessings and love,


“The Healer with the Amazing Gift”

I feel fabulous today!  I have not felt this fabulous at the end of a work day in a long time… A really, really, really long time!  I feel like I’m livin’ on easy street 🙂  But I must admit, I took the long way to get here 🙂


February 2015 I returned to work after my maternity leave with my second son and I felt so heavy, dark and negative inside and around me.  I dragged myself to work and scraped by.  In the spring I met with my Dr and things continued to go downhill.  In January of 2016 my husband had watched me struggle for long enough and he took me to the Dr to figure out what was wrong.  I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and the diagnosis and support really helped me to begin seeking the tools I needed to get back to being ME.

I explored so many things, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Meditation, Focusing, PSYCH-K, Exercise, major diet changes and eliminations, Vitamin and Supplement protocols, Nature Immersion Therapy, Healing Prayer, Support Groups and essential oils.

It was through this exploration, curiosity and total openness that I realized I wanted to feel ALIVE again and I wanted to THRIVE.  I wanted to feel passionate about something and that I had PURPOSE and I was making a DIFFERENCE.  Essential oils opened the door for me to find all of those things.  The Wellness Summits and Conferences surrounded me with people who were inspired and inspiring, who encouraged my curiosity and my dreams.

I started meeting with a coach and started keeping an inspiration journal and all of a sudden those ideas that I thought would never be more than dreams started to become realities in the form of Wildhood Nature Immersion Experiences, Mindful Movement programs, Holistic Health and Wellness Expos and amazing breakthrough counselling sessions.

I found my Soul Song.  I had lost it, and I am still in the process of making sure it has a beautiful place in my life so I don’t lose it again, but it’s found!

And THAT is easy like Sunday mornin’ 🙂

Connect with me to learn even more of the nitty gritty details and what else is on the horizon!  Maybe you’d even like to join me on the journey. xo


Identity and Humility

I’ve been trying to get back into jogging lately.  I’ve been out running a few times here or there and participated in a 5km on May 1 (the Le Chocolat which you should try if you haven’t).  Last week I needed to get out there because I had a run on Sunday and hadn’t really run at all since my last race…

A great friend offered to run with me.  She’s a ‘runner’!  She encouraged me the whole way as I ran barely faster than the walkers out enjoying the sun.  As I tried to push myself to keep going at my snail’s pace my throat started to close and I felt like I couldn’t keep going.  My friend encouraged me more and when she said the wonderful words, “we’re done, that was 5km,” tears sprang to my eyes and my throat totally cleared.

I realized as we walked back to our starting point that the reason my throat had tightened and I felt my emotions rise up was because I was out of my comfort zone.  I’m usually the helper.  It was a humbling experience to need help and to be so unsatisfactory at something I really wanted to be good at.

I’ve learned that sharing my feelings instead of hiding them is the way to go and so I shared how I was feeling with my friend and it clicked for both of us as she recounted all the ways since my childhood that I’ve been the helper.  My identity was being the helper and in this situation where I needed help my identity was struggling to figure out where to stand.  It felt so freeing to talk it through and feel all the feelings associated with it.

And then the real light bulb moment.  I realized that when my friends or family members or clients ask for help and then hesitate, or get emotional or step back it’s because they are also nervous about their identity changing.  I’m so much more compassionate to that now that I’ve experienced it like I did this past week.

So I’m still the helper but I’m now embracing being the helped and I’m sitting here more ready than ever to use my new aha to walk with all of you as you decide to step into new freedoms in your life!

My next race won’t be until the fall.  I’m going to spend the summer working my legs to cover new distances and also working my mind to open up even more to the unlimited possibilities before me!  If you’d like to join me check out my Facebook page “The Healing Power of Nature”

xo Lindsey

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